Carla’s passion for fashion, fabrics colors and beauty has roots in her family. Her mother Enrica Stabile is a well known interior designer and an expert in antique fabrics while her grandfather was an art collector.

After attending her degree in  history of fashion , Carla then attended Central Saint Martins in London, and thereafter embarked on a professional journey that included her role as a consultant for Pittimmagine and designer Gianfranco Ferré and as assistant costume designer at the  Verona Arena. In 2000, the designer launched her namesake women’s clothing collection under the brand Carla Saibene. The first collection was immediately picked up by some of the most exclusive stores in Italy and a few others across the world including Liberty in London, Calypso in St. Barth and New York, Club 55 in Saint-Tropez and Beans in Tokyo.

The Carla Saibene collection is composed mostly of limited edition garments that feature timeless models revisited, which are a must in any wardrobe: the blazer, the wide legged trousers, the silk blouse, the trench coat with a decontracté chic twist, all of which are created with quality fabrics and keen attention to the importance of a good sartorial fit.

The collection is designed in Milan and  is 100% Made in Italy, it is characterized by an extensive material research. The fabrics are coming from finest mill’s archives and end of rolls, upcycled and in limited quantities.  Carla Saibene is devoted to the highest standards of design, craftmanship and to resposible, sustainable production.

In 2002 the designer opened her concept store in via San Maurilio 20, in the Cinque Vie area which is at the heart of the historic center of Milan. The store has become the go-to destination for those who are lovers of unique items with an effortlessly chic style. Carla combines her brand’s garments with a careful selection of niche brands. The Carla Saibene collection, sold exclusively in the Milan store, is now also available online!


Carla Saibene’s Iconics are the continued timeless models, re-proposed from season to season, created and presented in different fabrics and styles. These timeless garments are the quintessence of the chic decontracté style typical of the Carla Saibene collection.

The Carla Pants by Carla Saibene, with an irresistible effortlessly chic style, are certainly the collection’s iconic model par excellence. The unmistakably slightly masculine yet very feminine cut is quite flattering —  the micro pleats in the front, the small rear ribs that shape the hips and buttocks, the diagonal seams that give fluid movement to the legs which widen at the bottom and renders the silhouette slimmer. The Carla Pants are suitable for everyone and have been the undisputed best seller of the collection for years.